Erroneous query

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Erroneous query

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I hope you fine . I was dealing with index when I sow one strange log from postgresql. My index system finally work but the bizarre query persist.

Code: Select all

STATEMENT:   SELECT (date_trunc('month', document_date_added)) AS "d", COUNT("documents_documentversion"."id") AS "agg" FROM "documents_documentversion" INNER JOIN "documents_document" ON ("documents_documentversion"."document_id" = "documents_document"."id") WHERE "documents_document"."date_added" BETWEEN '2020-01-01T00:00:00+00:00'::timestamptz AND '2020-11-30T23:59:59.999999+00:00'::timestamptz GROUP BY (date_trunc('month', document_date_added))

ERROR:  column "document__date_added" does not exist at character 8
I just look in the DB and I can't find this element ‘document__date_added’ but instead I can run this query with ‘date_added’.
From where it comes? Can it affect my index experience or EDMS use?

I m now on:

Thank you in advance
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