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interface not displaying options when adding a document (Exception psycopg2.OperationalError)

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:27 pm
by jchance
Hi all, having a problem with a mayan install, wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has come across this.

When a user is adding a document they are not given a list of options for document type.

For example, a user adds a new document to the system and they see:
2019-02-22 16_18_37-Document upload wizard __ HOME.png
2019-02-22 16_18_37-Document upload wizard __ HOME.png (7.63 KiB) Viewed 212 times
At the same time an error is generated in mayan-gunicorn-stderr---supervisor.log
Exception psycopg2.OperationalError: OperationalError('cursor "_django_curs_140266905205672_1" does not exist\n',) in <generator object cursor_iter at 0x7f926ebc7500> ignored

If they refresh the page it then shows the list of document types.

Seems to happen randomly so I can't figure out if I need to adjust a setting somewhere or if it's something else. The system is not stressed and is running a direct mayan install on Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.