Question about Batch Importing

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Question about Batch Importing

Post by fresh_luke » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:12 am

Hi all, quick intro: I'm brand new to Mayan EDMS. I like what I see so far! Still, I am just cutting my teeth on how it's structured and how it works. I am currently running the latest on Docker/Debian w/ Postgres DB, installed by the method, and fairly stock settings aside from passing some volumes to see how watch/staging work. My goal is to replace our heavy-handed EDMS system with something more lightweight, as our needs are a small subset of what we pay for with the incumbent. My hope is that Mayan will accomplish this, and we can instead direct some of those funds to support this project.

I have a question regarding what bulk upload or conversion might entail. First, I do apologize if I missed something in the docs or forums. I perused them for about 30 minutes and couldn't see that answers my question. I read about watch folders, and staging folders, and have working examples of each in my on environment. I assume this may first be an issue, and not a feature request.

I see metadata is defined as having a type ("invoice number") and a value ("INV0001"). One of the listed features ( is batch upload of documents with the same metadata. Does this mean documents with the same types, or all with the same values?

I'm interesting in accomplishing bulk uploads in which the documents have the same metadata types, but values are ideally defined in a delimited file. Something similar to import processing in the Oracle world.

To illustrate further, it would work like this:

A list/txt file is created with content like:

Code: Select all

invoice number,date,filename
It would be called something like list.txt, and would reside in the folder with the pdf files listed.

In Mayan, a document type would be set up with metadata types of invoice number and date. An import process would be setup to map those columns in the csv to those metadata types, and it would look for the filename in the same folder and import them in bulk.

Does Mayan do something like this already, if so, what is it called so i can go read up? If not, I can put this in the features forum, and possibly see if there is a way I could dabble in some python and help out with that feature.



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