Translation of the redaction application [SOLVED]

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Translation of the redaction application [SOLVED]

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Hi. Many thanks for all changes and fixing previously reported issues.

I want to report next issue. There is a translation problem in the redaction application. There is no ./apps/redactions/locale/ directory in a direct installation. I created the directory ./apps/redactions/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/ and generated the django.po file, then translated it and created the That solved the problem.
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Re: Translation of the redaction application

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The fix for this issue was just committed. It was fixed permanently by updating the translation script to detect translatable apps automatically. A new script that detect missing apps entries from the translation resource file was also added. ... fae25490b8 ... e9969c9ea3 ... 6cc6a6e9dd ... d585f7227c

Thanks for the reports!
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