Fuse Filesystem

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Fuse Filesystem

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Anyone have any recommendations how to use mountindex in high availability env? It runs good for a few hours, however the "mysql server has gone away" becomes an issue if the connection is lost for any reason. It doesn't automatically re-establish the connection, causing fuse filesystem errors. Can restart the service obviously, but not sure best way to approach this. Any tips on this would be welcome.

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Re: Fuse Filesystem

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Try settings CONN_MAX_AGE to 0 to destroy database connections as soon as they are closed and keep the MySQL server from running out of available connections.

If the server does go away, there is not much Mayan can do to keep the FUSE filesystem up and running as the feature uses a third party library and we are bound by the interfaces it exposes from the kernel. Best I can think of at the moment is adding a watchdog style process to remount the FUSE filesystem if it becomes unavailable. We'll need to do some research to see if this is possible.

As for HA I did a quick search a didn't found any HA proxy or load balancer for FUSE services. I only found hits for an enterprise RedHat product that include a FUSE proxy among other features. It should be possible but it seems to be a niche problem without too much interest.

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