Issues with creating metadata over REST in a workflow

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Issues with creating metadata over REST in a workflow

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Hi there!

As it is not possible (to my knowledge) to add metadata to a document in a workflow, I created the following workaround:

A transition with fields asking for the values of the metadata and several HTTP Request actions in the target state.

This basically works okay, but sometimes adding the metadata via HTTP POST takes a really long time (>60s). I can see the update request in the MySQL process list. After 60s the request is canceled because of the read timeout, which is set to 60s.

Does anybody know why the request takes such a long time?

My setup is: Mayan 3.4.13 and one redis instance run in two containers in a docker-compose setup. The MySQL (5.7) is provided on the docker host.


Kind regards


It also seems that during the run of the workflow, the UI doesn't react when opened in another tab. Does this perhaps boil down to just a single request handler? Can this be changed?
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