Tranistions don't show underlying states in transition selection menu

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Tranistions don't show underlying states in transition selection menu

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I finally was able to grasp concepts Mayan establishes for all the things like states, transitions, [workflows], indexes and tags and set up a very basic "approval workflow" that assumes you have a group "GRP_DOC_CONTROL" and role "ROLE_DOC_CONTROL" to serve as gatekeeper to manually transition the document through its various states.

So the flow looks something like this.... key: (STATES) [Transitions]

In example below transitions are manually moved along by a member of grp_doc_control

[Submit] --> (SUBMITTED) --> [FmtReview] --> (REJECTED)
or continues...
[Submit] --> (SUBMITTED) --> [FmtReview] --> (FMTOK) --> [Approve] --> etc....
But problem with above is when you go to transition the document in (SUBMITTED) state, you get option for _2_ dropdowns that only say [FmtReview] -- so the user in charge of transitioning will not know which is which.

So instead I had to do....
[Submit] --> (SUBMITTED) --> [FmtReviewRej] --> (REJECTED)
or continues...
[Submit] --> (SUBMITTED) --> [FmtReviewOk] --> (FMTOK) --> [Approve] --> etc....
The issue I had was because when you transition a document, the label of the transition does not show you what will happen (i.e. I would just see two instances of [FormatReview] even though one goes (SUBMITTED) --> (REJECTED) and the other goes (SUBMITTED) --> (FMTOK). So this is why I had to create 2 tranistions... one for [FmtReviewRej] another for [FmtReviewOK].

In fact, if you build the exercise from the fantastic Mayan Book you will encounter this exact issue with as of current version of Mayan (3.4.9).

So if your transition has multiple outcomes (like "APPROVEYESNO"), then it seems you need to create a transition for each potential outcomes -- perhaps only because in the transition selection menu it does not show you what the state changes will be? Hope that makes sense.

I think if transition selection menu showed what state changes would happen, then the workflow could be optimized more with less transition names as intended in the exercise in the book?

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