Dead link on web page

When things doesn't work as they should.
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Dead link on web page

Post by bernd » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:37 am

On ... ation.html is a dead link. The page ... ation.html does not exists. It is in:

For more information on how to install Mayan EDMS visit the documentation chapter on installation methods.

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Re: Dead link on web page

Post by KevinPawsey » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:18 am

Running Mayan-EDMS on: OpenMediaVault, (Docker plugin), on x86 dual-core

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Re: Dead link on web page

Post by rosarior » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:03 am

A broken link request was made to Google ( but it seems it is continuing to display the old links.

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Dead link on web page

Post by EdwardZem » Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:32 pm

Im really sorry, I have no idea how to do it myself... I cant put in links on my own work page

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