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Cannot assign metadata to a document type

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:28 am
by mariusster
I've just installed the Mayan Edms in virtualen with no problem at all.

Mayan EDMS
Version 3.3.2
Build number: v3.3.2_Thu Dec 5 01:48:15 2019 -0400

I've defined a new Metadata:
Name: Invoice
Label: Invoice
Default: 0
Lokup, Parser & Validator left empty.

Then I went to Document types for metadata type: Invoice and tried setting it to Required.
After I click Submit it just hangs in there for a minute or so, then I get a Gateway timeout.

I've tried with both mysql and postgresql backends, both have the same problem.

error.log is emtpy just as the db server's log.

I'm looking for pointers as to where to dig next, as I'm totally new to this awesome-looking product.