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Workflow to change document type

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:08 am
by olaf_d
Just starting out with this awesome EDMS and so far I'm very impressed. Great job by everyone involved.

One thing I'm wanting to do, is automate more. I've done a fair bit of work setting up my indexes and tags, and that's working great.

What I'd like to do, is dump a document into the watch folder and have it parsed, then change it to an appropriate document type. Something like the if/else statements that are available in the tags.

Say I dump a bank statement into the watch folder. It gets grabbed, OCR'd, then parsed. If it finds 'First Bank' in the OCR, it sets the document type as 'Financial' then tags it 'First Bank'. I should then see it under by Financial > First Bank index.

Is this something that can be done in the current workflow that I just can't figure out, or will I have to live with manually setting this?

Re: Workflow to change document type

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:31 am
by rosarior
We are moving the workflow engine towards that goal. At the moment two pieces of code are missing for that: document type change workflow action and workflow conditions. We have those in the roadmap (and partly coded) but decided to focus on workflow context and workflow transitions fields as part of our current commercial collaborations. We want to add some additional value for those individuals and entities that support the project. For more information about one such collaboration that made possible several of the features in the 3.2 and upcomming 3.3 versions read more here:

Once we complete the features in the queue for version 3.3, workflow conditions and document type change could be worked on.