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Customize Dashboard

Post by Obelix1981 »

i hope this topic is in the right category...

Hi @all,

I really like the dashboard, it shows me a lot of statistics. However, I personally lack a certain statistic:

Is it possible to view the hard drive capacity and the memory used by the documents in the dashboard?

This has the advantage that the user can quickly see when an extension is required.

Can that be shown somehow in the dashboard?

Best regards,

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Re: Customize Dashboard

Post by rosarior »

Hi Nico,

The dashboard is designed to be extensible. It would be possible to add such a metric but we choose not to because that would be a platform specific metric that might not apply to all deployment strategies (object storage for example).

What we have planned is to make the size of each document a database entry and calculate storage usage using an aggregation query. This way we can be certain of how much storage the repository of documents is using without using platform or operating system services.

This is planned for the current development branch of version 4.0 as soon as the new API is finalized. Version 4.0 is scheduled for Q2 of 2021.
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