Geospatial Libraries

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Geospatial Libraries

Post by QueenBeeRarian »

It would be great if Geospatial libraries could be added to Mayan EDMS. I think the ability to geocode a document, and display on a map would be useful.
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Re: Geospatial Libraries

Post by rosarior »

Experimental support for geospacial tagging and display go as far back as 2012 after this blog post: ... mayan.html

At first it was full support including geospatial queries for documents with intersections, contains, distance, etc. The sample update was minuscule for such a specialized feature. We simplified it and still the interest was very niche so it was removed as part of the process we do for each major version.

Knowledge on the topic has increased since 2012. Here is one talk I did on the topic in PyCon IT 2018.

If there is interest we can add that again, but it is a case of complex code for a narrow audience.
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