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Tags / tagging are burdensome and implemented in a way that makes a poor user experience, easy fix inside...

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:03 pm
by effgee
Hi guys, been following Mayan EDMS for quite a long time. New to the forum but I have been lurking for approximately 2 years here and there.
I just bought and read the book today and learned a few tricks from it... I am also looking forward to Mayan v4, some nice new features I am excited about :)

Onward... regarding tags.
In my opinion, tags / tagging are implemented in a way that forces users to under utilize them. Although, my suggested fixes can easily, in a couple of very simple steps to correct become much better.

My example is focused on the web based upload form.

Currently, tagging only works by pre-defining the tags (and their color) before uploading a document, then associating the tags with the document.
There is currently no way to create and tag a document (with a new tag) during the upload procedure.

This is quite contrary to what the philosophy of tags are all about.

Tags are a wonderful metadata that can be as focused as a laser, or as wide as a genre or category.
They can encompass many items or be specific meta data for only a single object.

Being forced to pre-create a tag before associating it with a document, is forcing the usage of tags somewhat akin to categories, where I have already built out branches of the tree where each individual item will sit.

Tags are meant to be used in the moment, as I upload a document, all the keywords I happen to think about regarding this document, I should be able to immediately apply and tag the item with. I should not have to plan out and create my tags before I am in the process of uploading my documents. It should be a natural and smooth flow to get my data and metadata in.

Now, I believe the reason why this is, is because of the tags color coding system. Each tag needs to have color associated with it and having to choose a color for an entered tag while uploading a document is also a break in the natural flow of the system.

My suggestion is thus:

1. During document upload and tag selection, please allow creation and tagging of the document during this process without having to plan my tags out beforehand...and smooth it out. I should be able to create/add tags using the fairly standard format used everywhere: "tag1, tag2, tag 3 with some spaces, tag4"

2. For the tag color scheme, pick random, unused color schemes for the newly created tags, which I can adjust later if needed. OR pick a standard quick-tag color that I can identify and customize later.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Re: Tags / tagging are burdensome and implemented in a way that makes a poor user experience, easy fix inside...

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 2:02 pm
by grysnakh
Agree with above posts.
Additional filtering with selected tags in the lists of the Indexes/Cabinets... seems to me a natural thing, which is also missing.