Support batch scanning of documents

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Support batch scanning of documents

Post by joekhoobyar »

Hi there.

I have several years of documents that I would like to scan. I'm sure that many other users are in the same boat.

Rather than use a staging folder, it would be great if the scanner source was able to support the -b option to scanimage - so that I can directly use my document feeding scanner to batch upload multiple pages of documents at once.
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Re: Support batch scanning of documents

Post by MayanSpain »


We have just started testing Mayan as a replacement for the current solution we have in our company.

After checking what can be done, and which tasks Mayan can handle, we are missing batch scanning. Is the only point we are missing and we did not find it in the road map.

Batch scanning implies the ability of the system to recognize start and end of the document. There are two features to come in which batch scanning could be built upon:
  • Zone OCR
  • Autofill metada
We know one of the pilars of Mayan is "keep documents as they were submitted". But this feature can help to save plenty of time.
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Re: Support batch scanning of documents

Post by rosarior »

Zone OCR
Autofill metada
We have experimental code for both requirements. The branch is called "/features/control_codes".

As with many of our experimental branches, the code works but it is still not up to our coding standards in order to be merged.
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