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Support gap

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Hallo team! First off big thanks for such an amazing product! I've been a Mayan user for a few weeks and love it more with every new feature I learn to use.

I bought the book to help me along but have some questions I need direct answers to. I'm thinking about purchasing a support subscription but I'm trying Mayan for personal uses while I learning better before recommending it to my cloud clients. Since I'm using it for personal stuff and I'm not generating a profit I find it difficult to invest in the subscription. I'm not saying I won't or that I think is not reasonable. On the contrary!

What I'm suggesting is to create a new support tier to fill the gap between the book ($9.99) and the support tiers ($59.99 and $119.99). The community forum is a good idea because it is self sustaining. But sometimes we need answers from people directly involved with the software.

I run a cloud software business and for home users or people starting out trying the software we offer a minimal plan of $1.99 per month that only includes premium forum. Most forum software allow for multiple user account types and subscriptions. Once people get comfortable with the software and ramp up their use they can choose a higher tier support.

To iterate, I'm suggesting adding a premium forum to the platform where users get direct answers from Mayan programmers for a recurrent subscription of a few dollars. Thoughts?

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Re: Support gap

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I like the idea, it is a good method to fill the gap for an even lower priced support. The only issue would be automation. If we find a way to connect PayPal to the forum software to upgrade the user to access the premium forum we will do this. Otherwise the manual task of keeping the PayPal cart and the forum synchronized would make this unfeasible.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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