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Looking for the following features.....

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:06 pm
by javadev2090
1) Search Box with type-ahead search. search can be done in either file names or titles or full text search i.e content of the files (ex:

2) When any title is selected, the right hand side will populate the entire text of the file or content associated with the title (ex:

3) Number of hits should be while typing. number of hits in blue or red color or any color...(ex:

4) Search keyword should be highlighted in the left with portion of text.On clicking the text, the entire subject with highlighted search should shown in the right with navigation (Previous, Next, Goto Match - with Icon or button). Navigation should be easy should have keyboard shortcuts for previous, next, goto exact match (ex:

5) Keyboard layout should be given for each supported language so that it would be helpful for the user to keyin the native language via keyboard layout

ex: Three options near search box in case the language choosen is other than english...

Example tamil - one is option
a. enlgish to tamil type option
b. tamil type option
c. general
a) When a is choosen - english typed word will be converted to tamil
b) When b option is choosen - tamil language keyboard layout should be displayed so that user can click the keyboard instead of typing
c) When c option is choosen - the user can paste the string directly for search

English to Tamil you don't need to create a logic for it..It is already there in one open source, which you need to integrate.and the entire source is available in

6) Colour and Few Themes required to change the overall site colours.