Allow add new documents from tree view

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Allow add new documents from tree view

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It would (I think) be really useful to allow users to select the destination for new documents from a tree view rather than a dialog box - this assumes users know the directory structure: just like the view when you look at cabinets.

Is this possible, or could it be added? It seems somewhat counter intuitive and clunky to have to type in the destination for a new document
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Re: Allow add new documents from tree view

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We have rejected this request in the past because it reinforces the incorrect paradigm that a DMS is a file manager with a web GUI.

If would also break our policy regarding separation of concerns for apps. The cabinets app should not have knowledge about uploads, that is the responsibility of the sources app. Likewise the sources app should not know anything about cabinets.

It also places top importance into cabinets as a primary method of classification which would be incorrect. Documents in Mayan exists in a single shapeless pool, and then users place document references into cabinets, smart links, tags, indexes, workflows to encode business logic. None of these classification methods is more important than the previous as Mayan is policy neutral. The importance and layout of the classification method is left to the user to define.

A feature to upload documents to a specific cabinets is a good use case for a custom app to cover specific deployment needs.
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