Scan of Multipage Documents

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Scan of Multipage Documents

Post by woec »


I am new to MAYAN EDMS. I installed it and got it up and running. Looks very promising so far.
A very nice feature is the possibility to import documents directly by scan source, including OCR. Scans are stored in tiff format as single pages. In my opinion it would be desirable to combine multiple pages scanned from a multipage document do store the scans in a multipage pdf.
Is that possible?

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Re: Scan of Multipage Documents

Post by ntd »

Looking for the same info, I discovered actually it is not possible. Here is the relevant feature request in the official bug tracker.

I just ended up using an external program that save multiple images as a single PDF before submitting the document.

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Re: Scan of Multipage Documents

Post by rosarior »

At the moment it is not possible to merge or split documents. It is core philosophy of Mayan to never modify the underlying document file. We do this because Mayan is mostly used in places where preserving the document's chain of custody is important for legal reasons.

We have been designing a way to de-couple the visual pages in the user interface from the actual pages of the document file. This way changes for the document that users see are not permanently effected on the document's file. Just like transformations work right now but also for the total number of pages. Version 3.3 will include some updates in this regard with the ability to remove pages even though those pages are not actually removed from the document file. If these initial set of patches pan out without problem we will continue to incrementally move to support merge and spliting of documents but it might take a while.
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Re: Scan of Multipage Documents

Post by maathieu »

I have a similar-ish request.

I take photos of products so for me a Document is <a photo album, containing 1 or more photos>.

When I update the photos of the product, I create a new version of this album, and my users can also browse back to the previous versions using the version history.

So I am really looking forward to the new version :)

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