how to organize the documentation: smartlinks?

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how to organize the documentation: smartlinks?

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I've recently installed Mayan to get a feel for it, and to see if I can make our project work with it.

I'm a bit confused about how to organize the documentation, so if you don't mind, I'll explain what we need to do.

There is a project in our neighborhood that is making a compilation of old black and white photos that people have in their Photo Albums at home.
So, these people (the Participants) come to our 'office' and we scan the photos, and at the same time we interview them and record the audio, so that way the photos get a historical context.

As I see it there are three basic document types.
1. Photo
2. Audio
3. Participant.

I think (hopefully) I am understanding Indexes, Cabinets, and Tags correctly. But I get the feeling I need to link these three types of documents together with smartlinks. However I do not know how to do that. The documentation about smart links is not enough for me.

Any help would be great!
Thank you.


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Re: how to organize the documentation: smartlinks?

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Re: how to organize the documentation: smartlinks?

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viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1599 has an introduction to many organisation related topics in Mayan.

Ultimately, smart links work very similarly to Indexes with the same templating structure. It'll show the same set of documents as an index would have, with the added benefit of being able to show documents that also match a searched attribute of the current document you're viewing (such as "related documents" or documents from the same supplier etc).
Please bear with us during the current global situation. The team all have families and local communities to look after as well as the community here. Responses may be delayed during this time, but rest assured we will get to your query eventually.

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