docker-compose Redis to RabbitMQ

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docker-compose Redis to RabbitMQ

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I have been running Mayan EDMS now for a while and I am happy with the functionality. Thanks to the team.

One problem that I have is that my indexes are constantly stale. I don't know why. Rebuilding the index manually brings in the expected documents. I can't be doing that every day though.

I'm using the basic docker-compose found here ... ompose.yml

I was wondering if switching from Redis to RabbitMQ would help my index situation.

I'm confused at all of the options available in that docker-compose example.

Could someone post a full example of what it would look like when using RabbitMQ instead of Redis? All of the uncomment this, replace that etc is confusing to me.

Also I see sections for celery_flower, worker_fast, frontend gunicorn etc. I don't know what those are and don't have the knowledge to know whether I need them or not.

Advice appreciated (and a working docker-compose with RabbitMQ)

Thank you!!
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