Slow Performance and tunning

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Slow Performance and tunning

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Hi all,
I have good hardware setup for mayan EDMS but sill performance is dead slow and almost unusable.
Below are details of my deployment and Hardware:

Cores: 4Cores

Deplyment type: Direct deployment
Postgres: Not dockerized, running as stand alone server in same machine
Celery Broker: AMQP (same machine)
Result back end: Redis (same machine)
Users: max 5
documents: less than 100 so far
Server: Nginx, Gunicorn with 5 workers
HDD: SSD and simple (tried both)

Whenever two or more users are brwosing documents systems stops responding and goes into dead state for next 5 to 10 minutes. If users are uploading documents (small or large does not matter) then system stop working and I have to restart it.

Please share your configurations that are working for you because I have seen in forum that people are using it for hundreds of documents. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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