Control access to document based on index?

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Control access to document based on index?

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A added a metatdata value called case_number to my documents (representing a legal case, for example)

Then I created an index that displays a categorized view based on case_number. This works fine.

What I need to do now (if possible) is provide the ability to only let users see the documents for certain case numbers.

Here's the scenario: I'm the Title IX Coordinator at our school. If someone files a complaint, I'd like to be able to add users to the system for the person complaining (the complainant), the person accused of misconduct (the respondent), the people doing the investigation (investigator), etc.

Access should be as follows:

complainant and respondent should see all documents related to their case, but obviously wouldn't see any other case

investigator should have access to all cases that they are involved with while they are doing the investigation, when the case is "closed" they would lose access.

coordinator should have access to all cases

Are indexes the way to go here, or should I use some other mechanism?
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