Restricting access based on cabinet

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Restricting access based on cabinet

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I bought the Mayan book in the hope this would give some examples, but I couldn't find anything helpful in there to realise this setup.

I have a family with two sons s1 and s2 and two parents p1 and p2. Each of the sons should have their own cabinet with documents that they themselves and their parents, but not their sibling can access (view, add documents etc).
I created three groups, g1 (containing user s1), g2 (containing s2), pg (containing p1 and p2)
Then I created three roles r1 (for group g1), r2 (for group g2), r3 (for group pg)
Then I created to cabinets: c1 and c2

I uploaded (as admin) a document d1 to c1 and document d2 to c2

According to viewtopic.php?p=53#p53: "If you want to limit access don't grant the permission to a role, use instead Access Control Lists."

So on the left I click Cabinets -> All and then on the line of c1 I click on ACLs -> New ACL, select r1 -> save. Then I add all eight permissions, more is not possible (and it should probably be less)

No I impersonate s1, and expect to see Cabinet c1 (which I do see) and document d1 (which I don't see, at least not via Documents->All documents).

What do I need to add/change to have s1 see document d1? (Once I know that I can probably figure out the parents etc).

( I tried Adding Permission "View documents" to r1, but then s1 will see both d1 and d2 )

For me cabinets are just a sort of categorisation. It would equally well work for me to have s1 and s2 set up to add a specific (but differing) tag to all uploads and that they can only view uploads that have that particular tag.
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