Editing the OCR content

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Editing the OCR content

Post by disorganized_fridge »

After a document has undergone OCR, you can view it under the OCR tab. But if there are corrections needed, how do you edit it?
The only options in the Actions secondary menu are Delete, Download, See Errors, and Submit for OCR.
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Re: Editing the OCR content

Post by james »

The content I am working with is typically more than 50 years old (to about 150 years old) so there is nothing of value in the file metadata and there is nothing that can be automatically extracted from the file format.

OCR quality really varies depending on the quality of the scan and the quality of the original document.

What would be useful is to be able to copy the OCR text to the Content area and then edit the content area (saving it as another version)

Is this possible?

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