Migration from dedicated server to Docker

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Migration from dedicated server to Docker

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I currently have a dedicated server assigned for Mayan EDMS and I'd like to migrate it across to the Docker install. I will be hosting the database externally to the container.

I don't see from my searches any specific documentation surrounding this so I'm guessing the following is probably the best way to do this?
  • Launch version of Mayan EDMS on Docker host that's applicable to the current version I have installed on the VM (3.2.9)
  • Shutdown container
  • Backup database on VM
  • Migrate and restore database on DB server
  • Launch container
  • Upgrade container to latest version
I appreciate any responses/feedback on this.
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Re: Migration from dedicated server to Docker

Post by michael »


Yes, that would be the steps required for a migration and upgrade.

One thing to note is that there have been quite a number of releases between 3.2.9 and the latest of 3.4.17. Make sure to go over the release notes and update any settings that require manual editing.
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