Version 3.5 beta 1

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Version 3.5 beta 1

Post by rosarior »

Testing image for version 3.5 beta are now available.

To use the image, copy the official Docker Compose file:

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copy docker-compose.yml docker-compose-35b.yml
Update the copy's image key from:

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image: mayanedms/mayanedms:3

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Launch a new stack using a different project name to ensure your existing deployments are not upgraded to the test image.

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docker-compose -p 35beta -f docker/docker-compose-35b.yml up
With the move to beta, the branch has entered the feature freeze and will only receive fixes and minor improvements.
The next step is release candidate and final release after that.

Notable improvements and changes:
  • Sub workflows support. Workflows now have a new field called "auto launch" to control whether or not they are
    instantiated when the document is created. A new workflow action was added that launches other workflows. These two additions
    make running multiple workflows per document much easier and allows having cascade workflows where one workflows
    launches sub workflows.
  • Search engine backend support. The first backend added supports the Python Whoosh search engine.
  • New SEARCH_RESULTS_LIMIT to control the number of search results returned.
  • New separate app to handle logging of messages along with new settings to allow finer control
    over the logging logic including setting the log level.
  • It is now possible to mount indexes in the background.
  • Use of query prefetching to lower the number of queries per views. This results in faster view display
    as well as smaller memory and CPU usage spikes.
  • Tesseract OCR is now execute with multi threading disabled to lower OCR CPU usage.
  • OCR processing tasks updated to work on pages instead of whole documents. This allows scaling up OCR processing.
  • Support for copying/duplicating objects.
  • Document type searching.
  • The templating widget will now display all the tags available for writing templates markup.
  • Mathfilters available by default for templating.
  • New tags and filters: "set" to create a context variable, "dict_get" to return the value of a dictionary key,
    {% method %} to execute an object's method, regular expression tags: regex_findall, regex_match, regex_search,
    regex_sub, and a "split" filter.
  • Workflow action to update the OCR content.
  • The trash empty action is now a background task.
  • New Celery options exposed CELERY_BROKER_LOGIN_METHOD and CELERY_BROKER_USE_SSL to allow using cloud hosted
    Celery services that support only SSL connections.
  • Document page image generation now support automatic retries. This avoids page generation failures on systems under heavy
  • New decorations layer to add overlays to document images. This layer support pasting images or watermarks over documents
    images. New assets app to create image assets to use for the decorations layers.
  • New themes app.
  • New "related" action menu section to allow fast navigation between related views.
  • Workflow action to add transformations to document pages.
  • Workflow action to add, update or remove metadata from documents.
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Re: Version 3.5 beta 1

Post by bontorin »

Hi Rosario,

I already have the beta version working and I am interested in experimenting with the new themes app.
Do you have any stylesheet sample that I can use as base ? I just wanted to change the colors and perhaps add a logo.

thank you.
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