Questions of a newbie (coming from ***)

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Questions of a newbie (coming from ***)

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Hey guys,

I hope you can help me with a few things I was wondering about coming from ***, because of the apparently not ongoing work over there.
  1. Original date of a document - does Mayan extract that automatically from the documents? That feature works quite well on like 80~90% of my docs and I really like it - plus after correcting the wrong ones, you can perfectly order by that date, which from time to time differs much from their creation date (huge pile of docs to be scanned :-)
  2. Readable documents - is there a way to connect via WebDAV or even better a readable file structure on the file system, which allows me to at least read all docs also from other apps without needing to go over the Web UI?
  3. aren't docs removed from the watch folder automatically after importing them?
  4. I run into subquery limitations with MariaDB when showing latest docs - is this normal, couldn't find anything on it Google
Sorry if parts or whole things have been talked about, I tried to find answers, I promise - but it's also quite a load of information available as Mayan seems pretty powerful

thanks in advance!
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