Document access for different departments

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Document access for different departments

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Dear all,

we try to setup Mayan in our university and want to use the system for example for the handling of invoice documents.

Several OUs (departments, chairs, institutes) should upload invoice docs, maybe start some workflow from there ...
Standard case is: one department should not see (and handle) the invoice documents from another department,
but there would be someone like a faculty administration, who should see all invoices from their faculty.

So far we saw the possibility to setup ACLs on document types to implement this organisational structure,
but this seems not to be feasible, having hundreds of invoice types just to organize access rights.

ACLs for cabinets seem to allow or deny operations on cabinets, but not, whether someone
is or is not allowed to access documents in this cabinet.

So, how would you setup this structure in Mayan?
Any idea is welcome,

best regards, Ralf

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