Auto-categorize documents based on document name

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Auto-categorize documents based on document name

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Hi, I am thinking about using the Scanbot Android app to upload documents. I believe the easiest way to categorize documents would be to use a naming scheme such as "id - cabinet - tag1, tag2, tag3.pdf" and have Mayan auto-categorize the documents in the watch folder based on their names.

However, I haven't found a way to do this in Mayan. Am I missing something? Things I have looked into:
  • Workflows: Unfortunately, I don't see a way to have the "Add to cabinets" / "Attach a tag" actions be dependent on the document name, which means I would have to manually add different actions for every tag and cabinet.
  • Indexes: I don't think the Django templating language supports splitting a string, so I can't do {{ document.label.split(",") }}
I'm thinking about adding a custom "split" filter to use in templates, however I would have to modify the Docker image to do that. Where in the mayan-edms folder would I have to put my python file with custom filters?

Thank you for your help!

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