Newb Trouble with uploading new document versions

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Newb Trouble with uploading new document versions

Post by Sabathius42 »

I am either unable to figure out how to upload a new version of a document, or something is going wrong with my install.

Using the default superuser account I did the following.

1. I created a Role (Executive Team).
2. I went into the Role Permissions of Executive Team and added every available permission
3. Under "Granted Permissions" for Executive Team it shows "Create new document versions" among all the other options
4. I created a Group (Compliance Manager)
5. I added "Executive Team" to the Group Roles of Compliance Manager
6. I created a new User (UserName)
7. I added "Compliance Manager" to the User Groups of UserName
8. I successfully uploaded multiple documents
9. In "All Documents" I click the hyperlink for the document name I have a new version of
10. In the "Preview" I see the contents of the document, I click on the Versions button on the right panel
11. From my understanding the "Upload a new version" should be an option in my drop down Action button, but it is missing from the menu. I can only choose from Details, Sign, Sign, and Download (also the text scrolls out of the document "window" which may be abnormal??)

What it looks like on my end ... XD1U97Jsbn

I am a super brand new user and am feeling my way around Mayan EDMS to see if it would be a good fit for creating and maintaining some ISO documentation, and version control is one of the must haves for that. Please let me know if you have any assistance. I purchased the book today but it didn't seem to have additional insight on this one problem.


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