Action to remove a document from a workflow once it hits a completed state

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Action to remove a document from a workflow once it hits a completed state

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I have a workflow setup that I use for Incoming Submissions. I have about four stages in this workflow. We decided on setting up a workflow rather than a cabinet for a few reasons:

1. The sources section does not have an option to place a document directly into a cabinet that I have found.
2. Sending a document straight to a workflow actually works better with our process.
3. Workflows all us to trigger the automatic email.

So far all good things. The issue/question that we are now trying to workaround/answer is this: at the present time once a document reaches its final state, the workflow stays attached and the document still comes up under the "Workflow Documents" section. Yes, we can break it down by state, but it would be really nice to remove the document from the workflow in a more automatic "Action" fashion similar to sending an email. I haven't been able to find a way to remove a document from the workflow once it is in one either. Is it possible to either allow us to manually take a document out of a workflow and/or have an action the removes a document from a workflow once it enters a certain state?

This is important to us to keep our documents tidy and organized, which is something that we did not have in our previous document manager.


Caitlyn Marko
Sine Nomine Associates

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