What is the best wifi scanner for Mayan?

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What is the best wifi scanner for Mayan?

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I did not find a recommendation for the best scanner. I will use the software in a docker container on my NAS. I need a scanner with wifi that can send documents via FTP or SMB. Any idea?

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Re: What is the best wifi scanner for Mayan?

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We don't provide recommendations for scanners as the market is so wide.
Ultimately, if you want to invoke your scans from Mayan itself then you'll need something that works with the SANE Linux scanning system. A word to the wise: many Canon iSENSYS MFDs do not work with SANE.

But if you don't want to kick off scanning from within Mayan and use the FTP/SMB options, then any modern wifi scanner likely has that capability. I use a i-SENSYS MF744Cdw and have been very impressed with it in all areas (especially the OCR and modern PDF compression capabilities. Find it produces better results than using Adobe Acrobat on default settings!).

Ultimately it's really up to the individual and their use case. Every one will be different in this area, and is why we avoid providing recommendations that route only leads to problems if a vendor drops driver support for SANE or similar!
Please bear with us during the current global situation. The team all have families and local communities to look after as well as the community here. Responses may be delayed during this time, but rest assured we will get to your query eventually.

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Re: What is the best wifi scanner for Mayan?

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I don't know about "best" but I just got a Brother ADS-1700W. It's inexpensive (US$200 on Amazon right now) and has produced decent quality scans so far. The document feeder is a little touchy and it's a little on the slow side so you wouldn't want this for a high volume scanning. But for getting rid of the mountains of paper I've got sitting around here at home I think that it'll work great. Bonus is that it will upload scans to a SFTP server.

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