How to search in the search bar for 2 words or more ?

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How to search in the search bar for 2 words or more ?

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I like mayan a lot but i have many documents and i get search results who look like this:

100 documents with word_A

20 documents with word_b

However i would need:

3 documents with word_A and word_b on one page or inside document

So if i look for one of the three documets, i would like a search like "Word_A+word_b" to find the 3 documents.

I think my question boils down to this:

How can i search for those documents ?
How can i search for docuemnts with multiple words in one document ?
Bonus: How can i seach for a document wih multiple words on one page ?
Bonus: Can i search for a part of a sentence i remember in the docs like "the contract was canceled"?

I could not find info about search terms in the documentation.

I use the latetest mayan .13

Also in the Advanced tab, could you make the cabinets and documents types a drop down list with availabe options.
Most of the time i know in wich cabinet the file should be and what docuemtn type it has but to type that all in also in the correct syntax as cabinats are filled is a PAIN. This goes also for tags in the adv. search.

Thanks a lot!

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