Cabinet rights

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Cabinet rights

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Is there a way to prevent people from viewing documents in different cabinets? I see that you can assign different roles under ACLs but I would like to assign different users. For example, I have our procedures separated into different cabinets based on department. I don't want people in production to see procedures in Accounting. Is this possible?

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Re: Cabinet rights

Post by rssfed23 »

You can do that for the top most level cabinet yes (the ACL has a view document permission) relatively easily, but what that can’t apply to is deeper levels of cabinets/sub cabinets. For an explanation as to why, see viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1523

The same notes about support plans and feature sponsorship are always a potential option worth considering :)

Alternatively, you can always set your ACLs at the document type level (But yes, that would then require more document types).

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