Automatic metadata on adding document

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Automatic metadata on adding document

Post by sblop »


I am trying to migrate to Mayan EDMS from Paperless project. I have bought the book and are trying to setup the system.
I have made several scan folders so I can scan to each document type.
I am also playing around with indexes. However is it correct that Mayan cannot apply tags or fill in metadata manually at the moment, and that this functionality is expected in the 4.0 release?

I am trying to migrate + 1000 docs, and are looking for some shortcuts. Cabinets is fine and all, but if only I can apply company name to my metadata + document date a bit easier, I would be in heaven. :o)

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Re: Automatic metadata on adding document

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Hi sblop.

I moved your post from the guides forum as it's a bit more of a general question hope that's okay.

You're right in that it's been mentioned before some improvements in this area are happening with 4.0. The most significant of which is zonal OCR, which would allow you to select an area of the document for OCR and then utilise that data elsewhere.
I'll let the dev team comment on the specific plans that relate to this.
Please bear with us during the current global situation. The team all have families and local communities to look after as well as the community here. Responses may be delayed during this time, but rest assured we will get to your query eventually.
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