Menu bar position and orientation

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Menu bar position and orientation

Post by Steve »

Good morning,
I have just installed Mayan 3.3.7 using Docker.
In this version the menu bar is located on the left of the page in vertical position, thus limiting the available free page space.
On the top grey horizontal bar (where the "Mayan EDMS" logo is located), now there are only "system" and "User" menu.
Is it possible to go back to the menu position setting of the previous Mayan version? (see for instance, Mayan version 3.2.8)

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

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Re: Menu bar position and orientation

Post by rssfed23 »

Hi Steve.

As far as I'm aware it is possible to go back to the old system but only if you build your own container and modify/override the templates with your own custom styling. You could in theory use the old versions as a template to get you started.
There is not a configuration setting for the position of the menu bar.

So in a word, no; it's not possible to go back to the previous menu position without manual work.

You can read our lead developers explanation and rationale for this at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=366&p=846&hilit=side+bar#p846
In summary though:
- It saves mouse clicks
- Saves on vertical space (of which there's less on 16:9)
- In line with the industry best practice and other enterprise apps have or are moving towards similar design principles

Thanks for pointing out that the demo workshop isn't up to date I'll add a task to update that to the latest version. I am hoping to set up a playground read-only environment soon for users to interact with a live environment without playing with docker for an even quicker demo.

Please bear with us during the current global situation. The team all have families and local communities to look after as well as the community here. Responses may be delayed during this time, but rest assured we will get to your query eventually.
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