Newbie questions regarding integration

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Newbie questions regarding integration

Post by shavin »

Hello all,

I am planning to do a personal project, a website which offers a cloud based solution for case management for a particular industry professionals. The basic features would be users, their details, the cases, case documents, case notes, statuses, reminders, calendar, invoicing and email. Their shall be different roles: admin, staff, users. I wish to have different access for different roles. I shall use django for all this.

I am thinking of using Mayan for document managing. What I need is storage, searching, role-based access, document versioning.

1. Is Mayan recommended as a backend for such a service?

2. Would Mayan instance will be hosted on another web server and my django website communicate with it via HTTP? Can everything be done this way, including implementing the role based access?

3. Is it possible to merge Mayan into my django website so I don't have to host Mayan separately?

4. I also wish to have restrictions on storage space for users. Can this be implemented?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Newbie questions regarding integration

Post by elmcrest »

Hey shavin,

I'm a Django developer in general, but completely new to MayanEDMS, but some questions apply to software development in general or Django in general, so I try to give you my best answers :)

1. Mayan itself is both, a backend and a frontend - the backend part is the server, the frontend what is served as the UserInterface. So, yeah, Django is a robust, matured and well known Framework for both, backends and frontends. So it depends :)

2. That depends on what your setup is. You can have a bigger server and manage things with Docker f.e. and if you start a dedicated Django instance as your "website" you will have to communicate with MayanEDMS instance, the industry standard is https I'd say but since it's Python you have more options, depending many factors. So it depends :)

3. I would say it's more easy to extend Mayan then to merge it into your project, you can f.e. overwrite the routing and serve your website as the entrypoint and only serve mayan after users did login or something. But again, it depends of course :)

4. I think this feature isn't available yet but I'm new to MayanEDMS so bare with me ... in general I would say that's possible to implement though if it would be my project I wouldn't implement it. Storage constraints / quotas is a thing of the past, storage is cheap.

I hope I could help you a litte.


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