Mayan and hurricane Dorian

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Mayan and hurricane Dorian

Post by rosarior » Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:50 pm

As I post this hurricane Dorian is making landfall on Puerto Rico. The upgraded status from tropical storm to category 1 hurricane means that further precautions must now be taken.
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The island is already experimenting connection and power outages which will only get worse as the hurricane makes its way further inland. We don't how the infrastructure of the island will hold. In case the worse happens (as it did in 2017 and we are completely cutoff from the world, the team decided to fast track the pending bugfix version 3.2.7.

I've already pushed and triggered the build which will take about an hour. You can follow its progress here: ... s/78997577
If the build finishes without error, the the Python package, documentation, and Docker image of version 3.2.7 will be automatically published without further intervention.

Your support is always needed, but situations like this make it more so. There are several way you can help us keep the project alive and up-to-date.

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Thank you! ... co-florida

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