Third party integration: Comdirect Banking

Have you written an app or create a separate project that connects to Mayan, post it here.
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Third party integration: Comdirect Banking

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I just recently noticed that the German Comdirect offers an API for end users. So I decided to implement a mayan integration to be able to:
  1. Trigger transactions for newly added invoices -> Unfortunately not yet supported by the API even though it was stated on their website (until I asked for it in their community forums...)
  2. Check whether a transaction corresponding to an invoice has already been paid or received and attach corresponding metadata and/or tags -> This is implemented based on document metadata and is working already (no extensive testing has been done so far)
  3. Load documents from the postbox to add them to Mayan EDMS -> Not yet implemented but since 1. does not work yet this will probably be the next feature

Special thanks go to Matthias Bilger (@m42e) and his great MAM-Tool. I reused quite a bit of his work so that I could concentrate on the non-Mayan-API related part of the work.

You can find the sources here:

I'm aware that the documentation so far is close to non-existing but this is a private project and thus this has not been an issue so far. Before I start to add some more documentation I wanted to see whether there is an interest for this integration at all so please let me know if you think this might be useful for you, too. Any contributions would be welcome as well of course. Thank you for any feedback!
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