Replacing Twitter with Mastodon

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Replacing Twitter with Mastodon

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Hello everybody,

The project's Twitter account ( has been effectively nuked for no apparent reason. The follower count started going down a few weeks ago, and in the last 24 hours it went from ~700 followers to just 4.

Users are reporting that attempting to follow the account return an error message. We have confirmed this from our own personal accounts.

We have been researching alternatives and have found Mastodon to offer the closest experience but with the advantage of being self-hosted.

We have deployed a test instance at Registration is open.

Once we know we can successfully host this for the long run, an official production instance will be deployed at, or something similar.

Let us know what you think of this change and if possible try out the instance to see if the resources allocated are enough for production use.

Thank you.
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