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Version 3.5.5

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:01 am
by rosarior
Released: January 5, 2021

Please read the release notes before upgrading:

Package locations

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pip install mayan-edms==3.5.5

This maintenance release includes improvements and fixes from the 3.4 series.



Removed CD/CI MySQL tests. MySQL does not yet support sliced subqueries. This queryset paradigm is used in Mayan EDMS to avoid keeping temporary lists of IDs in Python memory and allow moving all queryset computation to the database layer. This is the cause of error 1235, "This version of MySQL doesn't yet support 'LIMIT & IN/ALL/ANY/SOME subquery'".


Allow trashed documents to still display a thumbnail and accurate page count.


Translation files were merged and include complete translations for existing as well as complete translations for new languages.

User interface

Improved the Single Page App AJAX content escape logic. This avoids an infinite login redirect loop on some browsers.


The reusable primary key URL keyword arguments was updated to avoid self-referencing dictionaries during URL parameter resolution.


Trashed documents are now filtered from the active workflow and workflow state document lists.

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