Version 3.4.20

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Version 3.4.20

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Released: November 11, 2020

Please read the release notes before upgrading:

Package locations

Docker image available at:

Python packages available at: and installed via:

Code: Select all

pip install mayan-edms==3.4.20


Code style

As part of the continuous effort to keep the code maintainable and to comply with MERC 0005 ( keyword arguments were added to the .acquire_lock() function, uses of the library shutil, as well as uses of Command class from the sh library.


A chapter devoted to the search system was added. Minor formatting error in the REST API chapter were fixed.

User interface

Two commits from the version 4.0 development branch were merged back. The first, makes sure that only one CSRF token is generated per form. There are no functional changes and this only concern the sources app form.

The second commit fixes an edge case where URLs with a query string were being incorrectly modified when a form was submitted in such a way it caused a reload, as is the case when a required field was left empty.

Backward incompatible changes
  • None

Issues closed
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