Version 3.5.1

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Version 3.5.1

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Released: October 11, 2020

Please read the release notes before upgrading:

Package locations

Docker image available at:

Python packages available at: and installed via:

Code: Select all

pip install mayan-edms==3.5.1



The version check view has been fixed. A new test was added to avoid future regressions.

Error logging

Locking was added to the ErrorLog class to ensure only one instance of it is created per each app.

Self healing code was added to the ErrorLog .model() property to remove repeated entries previous to the locking improvement.


The error logging interface of the sources model was updated. A possible double logging of errors was also removed.

The preview generation of staging folder files was fixed. A test was added to detect future regressions.

Two improvements from the 4.0 development branch we backported.

The first, is the ability to the navigation that allows the sources app to properly implement highlighting of the active source being used to either upload a new document or a new document version.

The second, is the support for using staging folders as sources for uploading new document versions.

  • Suppress staging folder file image tasks dependency errors on debug mode.

  • None

Backward incompatible changes
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