Version 3.3.14

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Version 3.3.14

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Released: February 24th, 2020

Please read the release notes before upgrading:


Continuous Integration
The CI script was updated to push multiple tags of the Docker image. Normally, two images are tagged with the latest version and the tag latest. Now for version 3.3.14, four images will be tagged and pushed. These tags are: latest, 3.3.14, 3.3 and 3. This way users have now more control over which level of release to pin their deployments.

The selenium Firefox geckodriver was added to the setup-dev-environment target that spins up a development environment with a single command.

A missing backslash was added to the deployment instructions.

The document language field is now a “lazy” field. This means that the field is evaluated on demand and not during start up. This allows starting Mayan even when there are invalid language codes in the DOCUMENTS_LANGUAGE_CODES setting.

A warning was added when there are invalid document language codes in the DOCUMENTS_LANGUAGE_CODES setting.

Error reporting
A more expressive error message was added when an invalid storage argument setting is encountered, providing more context about the source of the configuration error.

The staging folder API is now feature complete. The staging folder API was expanded to allow creating, editing, and deleting staging folders.

The staging folder file sub resource endpoint now has an upload URL. Doing a POST to this URL uploads that staging folder file and creates a new document.

The purgeperiodictasks command was moved from the common app to the task manager app.

A left over interactive option usage for the purgeperiodictasks command was removed.

The test method to create a test document type instance was renamed from _create_documen_type to _create_test_document_type. This method name now follows the same naming pattern for all the methods that create test instances.

User interface
Several links were removed or updated. The Wiki link was removed from the about view. So too were the social media links removed.

A new link for direct access to the support page was added to the system menu.

The /favicon.ico URL was excluded from the authenticated URL list. This allows browsers to show the correct icon even when not authenticated.


Package locations:

Please read the release notes before upgrading:

Docker image available at:

Python packages available at: and installed via:

Code: Select all

pip install mayan-edms==3.3.14
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