Version 3.2.11

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Version 3.2.11

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Released: November 28, 2019


An issue with the request introspection of the API endpoint for checking in documents was causing server internal error (HTTP 500 error) has been fixed.
Database integrity

Database transaction improvements from the version 3.3 branch were backported. Document events now trigger inside the same database transaction as document changes. This change will ensure the expected behavior of other elements that rely on this event even under the most heavy system loads and severe database/network infrastructure problems.


The example LDAP file was improved. This is a community contributed file and not officially supported. For LDAP integration be sure to check and select one of the official support and/or consultation alternatives (

The LDAP entry of the FAQ was expanded with user feedback.

All the requirements to build the documentation are now generated automatically using Mayan’s internal dependency system.

The documentation now provides a sitemap to help in indexing and searching for information.

A missing detail of the API integration example to upload new documents has been added.

The update instructions to upgrade the supervisord configuration file were improve to work around some Linux shell differences. This makes the instructions work for more users.


The index create permission was removed as a possible permission to grant for existing indexes, as this is semantically incorrect.

An issue with reverse inheritance permission detection was fixed. It is now possible to grant document permissions via the document type under all situations and deployment types.


In some situations where improper horizontal scaling is used, the statistics result model could end up with duplicate slug field entries. This field is meant to be unique. Although this is a external issue, the situation is now prevented by making the field unique at the database level, adding a data migration to fix existing installations experiencing this issue, and by adding code that will detect and self-heal future occurrences of this.

Other changes

The file patching code from the Dependency class to a generalized utility of the storages app. This code is now used in several places including the documentation global variable substitution.



Docker image available at:

Python packages available at: and installable via:

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pip install mayan-edms==3.2.11
Release notes:
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