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Version 3.1.10

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:35 pm
by rosarior
This is a bugfix version and all users are encouraged to upgrade.
  • Test case improvements were backported from the unreleased development version. Some of these improvements help diagnose edge cases which are normally difficult to detect and trigger.
  • The advanced search API has been fixed.
  • The Docker image has some changes that allow it to build on ARM devices. There is no official Docker image for ARM devices but this change will
  • allow users to build and test their own images.
  • A fix was added to the compressed file upload handling when using a webform.
  • The issue with the flickering unread notification badge has been fixed. Support for server-side link badge rendering was backported.
  • An API entry to list all the server side templates available was added.
  • Newlines are now removed from rendered AJAX templates. Some browsers were rendering the newline characters breaking the appearance of the UI ( ... -main-menu)
  • Emails attachments of size 0 and now reject.
  • A missing document index API view create permission was added.
  • The index list API view was fixed and API tests were added.
  • Workflow state completion value is now validate before saving. Previously deleting the default of '0' and saving the state would raise an exception.
  • Add the MIMETYPE_FILE_READ_SIZE setting to limit the number of bytes read to determine the MIME type of a new document. This help lower the memory footprint of Mayan and avoid missing documents due to Linux's Out of Memory Killer stopping the MIME type introspection process on large documents. By setting default to 0 to preserve the current behavior. A value of 1024 is a good compromise. This value may become the default in the future.
  • Fix an issue causing the PermissionDenied exception to raise a further UnicodeDecodeError when a cabinet had non US characters and was being accessed by an user without the proper permissions.