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Version 3.1.4

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:32 pm
by rosarior
This is bug fix version and user are encouraged to upgrade if using another version from the 3.1.x series.
  • The way text searches is done has been improved and the test cases increased. Explicit support for the 'AND' operand has been added.
  • Previously it was possible to index documents using the OCR text and parsed text but required rebuilding the indexes after the OCR completed. Support has been added to trigger a reindex when the OCR or text parsing processing finishes. Example index template based on OCR: ... CR_content
  • All documentation links now point to the new self hosted version at
  • The Docker image adds two new Redis config entries to disable saving the database and to only provision 1 database. This lowers memory and CPU usage.
  • Links for the Wiki and the Forum are included in the about view.
  • The document link in the fancybox overlay caption is now correctly disabled if the document is in the trash.
  • The dropzone CSS is now loaded from its own package instead of being included in with Mayan's CSS. This reduces the initial HTML traffic.
  • HTML entities are now stripped from the window title. This is purely cosmetic change.