Migration 3.1.9 (Install) to Current (Docker)

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Migration 3.1.9 (Install) to Current (Docker)

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Been using Mayan for some time for my small business and have approx. 1500 documents, several document types, lots of metadata, several users, roles and groups defined.

Would like to migrate this installation to a docker installation for ease of management and upgrade. I've not seen anything in the forums on how to do this kind of migration.

I would assume that a postgres migration would happen first, then move files to a similar directory structure.

** However, if anyone has the ability to help lay out a plan on how to do this migration, I would really appreciate it.

My 3.1.9 install is on a Ubuntu virtualized platform in my private cloud using postgres SQL, but I'm not sure if Redis is installed inside of the mayan install or not. For the target platform, I have the Docker versions running based on the install plan in the documentation.

Thanks in advance!
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