cannot upload any document in centos8

Reverse proxies, SSL termination, web servers, helm charts, integrations, batch files, anything having to do with installing Mayan.
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cannot upload any document in centos8

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After direct install mayan (not using docker) on centos8
following instructions
but for centos8
I did a very big effort but finally fresh centos8 stright forward install without any error after runnig
I tried to upload any document but it take a very long time and return error0
I searched for log.error but didn't exist i created it under media folder still hase nothin in file .
How can I solve this problem
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Re: cannot upload any document in centos8

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The documentation you refer to is not meant for installing docker images.
Here you need to go to: ... tml#docker

The direct deployment documentation is meant for installation in python virtual environments

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