Mayan on Kubernetes - Experiences?

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Mayan on Kubernetes - Experiences?

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Hey Mayan users!

One of the items I'm going to be working on soon in the background is Kubernetes deployments for Mayan (documentation, fixes, helm charts, etc). To be clear and set expectations this isn't something on the roadmap but a community contribution that I think would be nice to have.
I've seen a couple of people mention K8s in the past on here and gitlab issues so I'm putting wondering if you're able to share your experiences with us.

If you're in a position to share deployment yaml or any tooling you've used to deploy Mayan to k8s then please do share (if you aren't able to publicly then feel free to log a confidential issue on gitlab)

Hearing your experiences of using Mayan on k8s (what works well, what doesn't work, etc) will greatly speed up the process.

My initial plan is to produce deployment spec yamls and then hopefully helm charts. A longer term view would be a native Mayan K8s Operator but that is definitely way down the line.

I'm aware of the locking issues with NFS and the preparestatic generation (and the fact it runs on every startup) but any other feedback or experiences will be truly welcome to help shape things.

A couple of other initial questions:
- If producing a helm chart, should our chart contain all services required (Mayan, Redis, RabbitMQ, Flower, Postgres, etc) which can be enabled/disable through the values.yaml or should it be only Mayan with documentation on how to use the upstream charts for those other services?
- Are you using operators for postgres, redis & rabbitmq? - This is related to the first question in a way because I wouldn't want to go through the work of creating deployments of those services or documentation for them if it's commonplace that people are using the operator for that technology already

Many thanks!
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